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John Brayford

March 9, 2014

It was a glorious August bank holiday Monday.

The Brewers were attacking the away end. About mid-way through the first half, the ball found it’s way to John Brayford occupying the Centre-back position. He wasn’t far from the half-way line and strode forward, looking totally at ease running with the ball. A Southport player approached; Brayford went past, ball still stuck to his feet. He must’ve been about 35-40 yards out. He shot with power, the ball flew at pace towards the Southport goal, the Albion fans held their breath… the ball beat the Southport ‘keeper, only to bounce of the bar and away to safety…

Wow, what was that?? Who was this lad just out of the youth team? We’d heard he had potential, but to just go on a run like that, from Centre-back, and produce a moment of quality on your debut, at just 18?

Brayford was hardly out of the first team squad after that, and it was no surprise when he left for Crewe and then went onto Derby. It is a surprise he’s ended up back in League 1, but not a surprise he decided to join up with Cloughie again at Sheffield United. He is too good for League 1.

That moment against Southport is my stand-out Johnny Brayford memory, and I’m so chuffed for him, Cloughie, Garner and Crosby that they’re going to Wembley for an FA Cup semi-final.

Come on you Blades.



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