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“Look how far we’ve come…”

February 27, 2014

A few of you on the Albion facebook page are getting just a bit fed up with the old “Look how far we’ve come!” posts it would seem.

I can empathise. When you’ve parted with your admission money after a crap week at work only to witness a game of football in the freezing cold that is so boring and makes you want to sob, after you’ve vented your anger on Facebook and gave the cat a kick (I don’t do that by the way), the last thing you want is someone commenting on your rant with the old “Well, 20 years ago today there was just 30 of us huddled behind the goal at Dorchester Town and we got hammered 5-0… look how far we’ve come!!”

You know how far we’ve come. But in the here and now, the present, you have just watched a crap game of football and you are annoyed, frustrated, whatever.

I remember the journey home from Bristol Rovers after we lost 7-1. At no point at all did I think or say “We used to come down this neck of the woods to play Clevedon in the Doc Martens, don’t things change hey?!”

BUT… Should the “Look how far we’ve come!!” comments stop?

Absolutely not.

And I shall give you the reasons why…

See, the thing is they give you that perspective.

We football fans are passionate creatures. But when that passion has subsided a little and you’re in a reflective mood as the missus titters away to Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night take-away, you start to see the bigger picture again. Well, just a wee bit anyway.

The “Look how far we’ve come!!” comments come in handy to remind us that things simply ain’t that bad.

Look at it this way. As an Albion fan at the minute, what’s our biggest worry?

Is it that we play our home games 40 miles away, like Coventry? No.

Is it that we don’t own our ground, the council do, and we struggle to make revenue other than match days? No.

Are we in massive debt, and threat of closure has come so close within the last year like it has at Bury and Portsmouth? No.

After reaching the play-offs last season, has this season just been 1 big anti-climax with us fighting relegation, just like Northampton? No.

Is it that our chairman wants to change our home kit colours, or even worse, wants to change our name, like what Cardiff and Hull fans are going through? Not at all.

No, fellow Brewers, it would appear that the biggest worry we have at the minute is our strikers are not scoring enough goals. Oh, and that Zander Diamond has gone on loan to Northampton, despite the fact it will work in our favour them having a decent Centre-back for when they face our promotion rivals (Northampton 2-1 Southend on Tuesday.)

Not that bad, is it?

The “Look how far we’ve come” comments and also the posts reminding us of what a well-run and progressive club we support are important; they keep things balanced and can sometimes calm it down when yet another post on the Albion Facebook page looks like it’s going to turn personal.

They also help to keep a good level of perspective amidst all the negativity that is written and spoken. I think this negativity can sometimes radiate itself through to the terraces with people stood there like they’d rather be anywhere else.

Those of us that remember Non-League (here he goes again…) will remember us being out of the race for the ONE promotion place by winter. Knocked out of the FA Cup and Trophy by the end of November. New Year would roll around and all we’d have to look forward to was a Birmingham Senior Cup Quarter final versus Moor Green.

Now I’m not saying every game nowadays should be a bloody carnival, but with so much still to play for surely there should be a bit more positivity around the place?

We’re by no means the biggest club in League 2, and bigger clubs are down there in the fight against relegation.

I dread to think what the Albion Facebook page would be like if we were also in that fight.

“We have had, arguably, 18 months of success”, Rowett has hit the nail on the head with that comment. Let’s be positive, do our bit, and see where we are come May.

And if we don’t get promoted?

Well, just look how far we’ve come.


From → The Albion.

  1. Nothing grumpier, more ungrateful and with shorter memories than a football fan. Man utd’s southern bandwagon boys booing for example.

  2. Nick Redfern permalink

    Eloquently put.

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