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July 2, 2013

So we sign a striker who scored 4 goals, made 4 assist’s, and linked up well with Billy Kee in 14 loan appearances last season.

To say this signing has split opinion would be an understatement.

The BAFC Facebook page has to be seen to be believed, some of the negativity the signing of Symes and also Ian Sharps has provoked is quite remarkable considering their impact last season.

I’ll touch briefly on Sharps first – fitted in seamlessly at centre-back forging a decent partnership with Marcus Holness and even kept Diamond out of the team. Reaching for my book of football cliché’s I would call him “experienced”, and “no-nonsense” and at times last season I thought he was a “rock at the back”. We need 4 centre-back’s and he’ll be good to have in the squad. I can see people’s points and concern’s about him not being the quickest and a Sharps/Diamond CB struggling against raw pace, but I don’t think Rowett will be blind to that either. Reasonably pleased with the signing.

Now for Symesy! I’ve already listed the facts, 4 goals in 14 games. Not amazing; but not bad either for a loanee.

It should’ve been 5 goals anyway – a perfectly fine header against Plymouth being ruled out. 6 if he’d took a proper penalty against Rotherham.

If you watch last season’s dvd back you’ll see there was 4 assist’s  (yes I counted, and I was harsh, I didn’t include his great ball that the Accrington defender & keeper messed up allowing Pato the tap-in), and you’ll also notice some good link-up play between Symes and Kee.

I’m pleased with the signing of Symes.

I like having a tall striker when playing 4-4-2, a target-man, and Symes fits the bill. I saw enough last season to be confident that he’ll have a big impact this season, and I think he’ll bring the best out in Billy Kee.

You have to remember that like Zola in his loan spell, Symes wasn’t fully 100% fit. And lets be honest, even Zola’s biggest fans will have to admit he wasn’t all that during his loan spell here. But when Zola was fully fit, no doubt about it he was 1 of most important players. An Albion side without Zola up front didn’t seem as dangerous, we had lost that aerial threat.

Until Symes came in.

And like Sharps, he fitted in seamlessly. He scored a good goal on his debut at Wimbledon. Played in our other 4 February victories against promotion rivals. Scored a fantastic winner at Aldershot to send us 2nd.

All this whilst not fully fit, and struggling with a groin injury as Rowett mentioned in yesterday’s Mail.

Now cast your mind’s back a good few years. Does anyone remember the unfit Christian Moore who laboured through the 2000/01 campaign compared to the fit fresh Christian Moore of 2001/02? The Christian Moore who left us for full time football at Telford? We’ve seen before the difference being fully “match-fit” can have on a player. Like I’ve said already, the difference between the Zola we had on loan compared to the one who has now signed for Aberdeen is massive. I know Crewe fans who were overjoyed he had left, they just didn’t rate him.

So too all you Symesy haterz out there… I’m not saying he’s going to come and bang 20 goals a season in. What I am saying is give the bloke a chance. Let him get fully fit and settled this pre-season. Let’s give him our support and not barrack him from day 1 just because you’re not entirely convinced about him (remember, has Rowett made 1 bad permanent signing yet?) and let’s all look forward to another FL season, hopefully challenging up the right end again. If it doesn’t work out, Rowett will sort it.

I’m encouraged with our signings so far. In fact if there was 1 position I would say I’m not totally convinced on, it would be the goalkeepers…



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