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It’s been a while…

April 15, 2013

3 months since I last posted? Too long, need to get back into the habit again!

Anyway. It’s been a good day today, renewed my season ticket and bought a Burton Albion mug, yep, not bad for a Monday!

Right, I’m a bit out of practice having not logged on here for so long so bear with me and I’ll try and write something constructive that you enjoy…

I just remembered this post I wrote on December 31st –

Look at my final line: “We’re heading in the right direction. A top half finish for me this season would be brilliant, because as Rowett says – look at the bigger picture.”

What has happened since has just been beyond my (and I guess nearly all of our) expectations.

We’re guarenteed a play-off place. If Rotherham don’t win tomorrow, we could possibly get promoted on Saturday if we win and results go our way.

How has this happened?? It seems a bit too good to be true after the last couple of seasons. But quite simply it has happened thanks to the hard work of everyone at the club; the chairman and board, Gary Rowett and all of his management team, and the squad of players – a committed, hard-working group, not too dis-similiar (is that a word?) from a Nigel Clough Burton squad. And they enjoyed the odd spot of success.

They say to be successful, you need at least 5 or 6 captains in your side. (I think they say that, or I could’ve just made it up?) In the Pesch days I don’t think we had anywhere near that. But you look at the team now and it’s just full of ‘captains’, full of lads who will not shirk responsibility and will take the game by the scruff of the neck. (Vale away the exception!) This is again down to Rowett’s recruitment in the summer, and what a summer of recruitment it was…

I mean, has he actually made 1 bad permanent signing? Tomlinson, Diamond, Holness, McCrory, Bell, Weir, Patterson, Lyness, (have I missed anyone?) these players have all made big positive contributions to the team this season. They have all been good, in some cases exceptional, signings.

And what about the loan signings, an area where for any manager it can be hit and miss – after all if a player is that good then why is he being loaned out? But we’ve had Anthony O’onnor, possibly our best ever loan signing. Ian Sharps has been a solid addition at centre-back and bought Championship-winning experience. Alex McDonald and Michael Symes gave the squad a timely boost when bought in in January. Adam Drury hasn’t impressed me as much, but when you’re in Man City’s youth team with a first team squad number then you can’t be that bad, right?

Luke Rooney wasn’t a rip-roaring success admittedly; but Rob Kiernan seemed to step in seemlessly, the young Wigan defender spending October with us partnering Zander at the back.

Have I missed anyone? Oh yes, Mark Oxley. I was unsure about the young keeper at first, but he recovered from a dodgy start vs Altrincham in the FA Cup to save a penalty, and made crucial saves in the away game at Plymouth.

So I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned all of the new recruits bought in by Rowett and Summerfield this season. Apologies if I have missed any but I’m sticking the middle finger upto ‘research’ and doing this off the top of my head.

And all I’ve been able to come up with as a signing that has ‘flopped’ is the loan signing of Luke Rooney… and that’s being harsh on Rooney, maybe.

It’s impressive, isn’t it? To make that many signings, change that much of the squad around, and have your team sat in 3rd place in your first full season as a manager?

Gary Rowett will manage in the Premier League, no danger. I just hope he’s managing us in League 1 next season.


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