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The Cup draw.

December 2, 2012

From Arsenal to Aldershot away; Chelsea or Luton at home, the possibilities are endless.

The pot is full of balls numbered 1-64.

Burton Albion are number 49.

A top Premier League team, or a local derby against Derby, that’s what you want.

Crawley away? No, just no.

Ledley King and Fabrice Muamba are the people with the responsibility of handing us our dream draws, live from Wembley.

The camera closes in on the pot of balls, all nestled together.

I know there’s nothing I can physically do that will have any bearing on who we’ll draw, but I’m nervous.

The draw starts.

When the home team is drawn out, you have an instinctive reaction of whether you’d be happy to go away to that team or not – you don’t even have time to think about it.

Barnsley are drawn out, “no” I tell the TV. The novelty of going away to Championship teams is going, and besides, there’s much better ties still left in the pot.

Wigan & Fulham draw the same response from me, “would be good… but better ones still going”.

City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea, they’re still sat in the pot with number 49, the mighty Brewers.

“Barrow or Macclesfield” reads out Mark Pougatch, “No way” I tell him, Barrow is bleak in the height of summer, never mind January. Macc wouldn’t be so bad, it’s a good piss-up… but been there, done that.

“Leicester City…”, reads out Pougatch.

“Won’t get them aga….”, I nearly finish saying.

“Number 49”, calls out Fabrice Muamba.

“Burton Albion”, reads out Pougatch.

Gutted. I slouch back into the sofa.

“F**k me” texts my mate Holden, he’s as happy about it as me.

Leicester City vs Burton Albion in the FA Cup 3rd Round.

We played Leicester away in the League Cup in August, and were absolutely fantastic, coming away with a 4-2 win against a stunned Leicester.

They’ve sorted themselves out since then. It isn’t gonna be easy.

Ultimately, you want that big tie. You want City or Chelsea.

But if we hadn’t have drawn Leicester in the League Cup in August, then I think we’d have been quite happy with today’s draw.

On the plus side, it’s local, it’s easy to get to on the train.

And let’s be honest, it beats having to go to Crawley or Aldershot, doesn’t it?


From → The Albion.

  1. You’ll do them then big one in the 4th round.

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