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The first entry.

November 5, 2012

This is unchartered territory for me.

I mean yeah, I’ve wrote stuff for websites; in fact here’s a link to a piece I did earlier!

A match report on yesterday’s epic FA Cup encounter between my beloved Burton Albion, and Blue Square North side Altrincham.

If you view the link you will see I’ve done various pieces for the Football Fans Today website.

But I’ve never had my own blog.

It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while to be honest. And when my mate Danny, who also has an online blog (, asked me why I didn’t start blogging myself, I didn’t really have a reason not to?

I love writing, I love the feeling you get when you write something you’re proud off, and that other’s enjoy.

One of my pieces I’m most proud off is this here;

The Albion were having a particularly tough time; 3 months without a victory, a run that cost manager Paul Peschisolido his job.

After this game, I walked home with the biggest smile on my face and got writing straight away, the piece was written with raw emotion and joy, and I think that shows.

I sent a link to that piece (on Twitter) to Henry Winter, in my opinion the best Football writer around. I didn’t think he’d look at it; after all; Henry’s a busy guy!

But he tweeted me back… “really good read. Loved the intro. You could even milk the emotion, tension more, giving a longer lead into the action.”


Henry Winter read something I had written and enjoyed it, he thought it was good!

Talk about absolutely buzzing.

Anyway I’m kind of just going of on a tangent here, but then again it is the first blog, kind of like a pilot episode in a way?

I enjoy writing, so I’m going to do this blog.

I love writing about my team, Burton Albion, so most of my pieces will be about the amighty Brewers I think.

Ultimately, I would like to write a book. I’m not 100% sure on what yet so I won’t divulge any ideas I have bubbling away…

Anyway, I hope people read my blogs and just simply enjoy them.



From → The Albion.

  1. Jamjam’s online!!!! Perhaps for your book you should write a comprehensive history of Burton Albion? No, hang on that would be more of a pamphlet. ; )

  2. ooo low blow Daniel!! See u in League 1 in a couple of years?

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